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Top 10 Indian style small modular kitchen design Ideas

indian style small modular kitchen design


Small apartments and homes can be very charming, but they often have limited kitchen space. Thankfully, there are many clever ideas for Indian style small modular kitchen design that help with storage and efficiency. By thinking creatively about how to use every bit of your tiny kitchen floor plan and making the most of your countertop and wall space, you can turn even the smallest kitchens into places you enjoy cooking and spending time in.

Here, we’ve gathered 10 tips for designing small kitchens, whether it’s a narrow galley kitchen or just one wall in an open-plan apartment. Whether you’re starting a renovation from scratch or just want to revamp your current space, if you are looking for Indian style small modular kitchen design? Keep reading to make your small kitchen the best it can be.

Indian style modular kitchen design

1. Get Smart Storage Options

To maintain an uncluttered appearance in your kitchen, it’s crucial to find storage solutions that accommodate all your belongings. This is where clever storage options play a crucial role. For instance, consider acquiring an over-the-sink drying rack to open up valuable counter space. Another effective strategy is to replace two chairs with a bench that comes equipped with built-in storage.

Similarly, if there are any underutilized nooks and crannies, contemplate the installation of a slim-slide kitchen tower. Additionally, if you have cabinets, adorn the tops with beautifully woven baskets. This not only enhances aesthetics but also provides functional storage.

2. Install Hooks or a Pot Rack

Optimal small kitchen design ideas achieve a dual purpose: they create the illusion of a larger space while maximizing the existing area. Pot racks excel at accomplishing both objectives. By suspending your pots from the ceiling, you not only introduce an element of elegance to the room’s design but also free up cabinet space for other essentials.

In the event that drilling into the ceiling isn’t an option, consider employing adhesive hooks or magnetic knife boards on your walls, cabinet doors, or backsplashes. This timeless approach also provides an opportunity to showcase your most exquisite utensils.

3. Get Custom Hardware

In small home kitchen design hardware can be a game-changer. It allows for tailored solutions that maximize space and functionality. By opting for bespoke hardware, residents can select designs and sizes that perfectly complement their unique living arrangements. This proactive approach ensures that every inch of the limited space is utilized efficiently, enhancing both aesthetics and practicality in stylish environments.

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4. Use Light Colors to Visually Expand Your Small Kitchen

Using mostly light colors for countertops, backsplashes, walls, and kitchen fixtures makes a small kitchen seem more open. If you’re not planning a full renovation, consider the tools you use often. Choosing items like cutting boards, pots, pans, and linens in lighter shades can also make the kitchen feel brighter.

5. Opt for Small Appliances for Small Home Kitchen Design

Choosing small appliances can be a game-changer for your kitchen. These compact wonders not only save space but also offer high-quality performance. From mini convection ovens to multifunctional microwave-browning combos, there’s a wide array of options to suit your needs. Embrace the efficiency and versatility of small appliances for a more streamlined and functional culinary experience.

Indian Style modular kitchen design

 6. Hang Your Mugs

One of our cherished small kitchen ideas involves hanging mugs. This approach serves a dual purpose: it clears cabinet space and turns selected mugs into stylish accents. Opt for a rack beneath your cabinet or place a mug tree on your counter.

Alternatively, affix any type of rack directly onto the wall for an even more prominent statement.

7. Install a Pot Rack

Free up cabinet space by hanging those bulky pots and pans on a rack. This not only creates a culinary centerpiece but also ensures your cabinets are available for other essentials that require more space.

8. Create Reflective Surfaces

To create the illusion of more space in any room, consider adding mirrors, a commonly recommended tip. Mirrors can transform the perception of a room, making it appear larger.

However, in a small kitchen where space is precious, be strategic. Opt for mirrored backsplashes. If mirrors don’t align with your style, achieve a similar effect with glossy tiles and cabinets and invest in stainless-steel appliances (or cleverly imitate them). This approach enhances the room’s spaciousness without sacrificing your aesthetic preferences.

9. Get a Table that Fits the Space

If you prefer relishing a homemade breakfast in your own kitchen but lack space for a full-sized table, fret not. You can still craft a chic and snug breakfast nook without a four-seater table.

One option entails acquiring a tall table and accompanying stools. The elevated stature not only integrates the narrow table seamlessly into the room but also imparts the illusion of a more spacious kitchen, courtesy of the visible free space underneath. Alternatively, consider installing a floating table, or even better, a foldable one that neatly tucks into the wall when not in use.

10. Buy a Rolling Kitchen Cart

If you adore kitchen islands, here’s a top-notch small kitchen design idea. While a full-sized island might not fit, you can mimic the concept with a rolling kitchen cart. This grants you handy prep space, ample storage, and a stylish kitchen addition in one. The beauty of kitchen carts lies in their mobility; use them when needed, then effortlessly relocate them. Serve meals in style by rolling them into your dining area.

Wind Up

To sum up, these clever small Indian style small modular kitchen design offer practical ways to make the most of limited space. They include things like smart storage choices and personalized hardware, which improve both how well the kitchen works and how it looks. Light colors and shiny surfaces make the space seem bigger, and picking the right appliances and furniture for the space makes the kitchen work better. By trying out these tips, even a small kitchen can be a wonderful place to cook. Give these kitchen planning ideas try and enjoy your efficiently designed kitchen.

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