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Did You Know That Your Household Appliances Could Do This?

Here's how you can use your household appliances differently


We are in a point of time where household appliances make a big part of our day and daily activities. From making coffee in the morning to cooking breakfast, getting hot water for baths, cleaning the house and even washing the dishes, we are surrounded by a world of home appliances. 

But did you know your appliances can do a lot more than what they are conventionally designed to do? While we all know simple tricks like baking a cake in the pressure cooker and, we will look at some things you never would have expected from your appliances. 


Useful Household Appliances and Their Unconventional Uses

Here are the top ways how you can make the most out of your house appliances. 

Defrost Your Food in the Dishwasher 


Dishwasher: Household appliances


Although it may appear incompatible, placing frozen meals in your washing machine and running it on the cold delicate cycle with a low water level may consume less water and work faster than defrosting in the sink. 

Place food in a zip lock bag and leave the washing machine lid open to prevent the spin cycle from engaging.

Steam Your Fish Like This

Your dishwasher can clean your plates alright but do you know it can cook your food too? If you have never noticed this about this great household appliance, a running dishwasher’s upper rack gets hot. Put some salmon wrapped in a foil with some lemon, pepper and salt on the rack. Enjoy your steamed salmon on your clean plates. 

P.S. Don’t put any detergent or you will get a soapy salmon.


Unconventional Ironing


Home appliances that can do much more


Ironing your clothes with an iron is boring, let’s admit it! But your iron can be used in a strangely effective way too. 

These useful home appliances can be used to remove dried candle wax from surfaces, get dents out of wooden floors, laminate papers, remove glued Linoleum tiles, re-stick Veneer, fix deep carpet impressions, and even toast a cheese sandwich.


Coffee Maker or What?

If you don’t know, your coffee maker has three parts; the base or burner that can be used as a grill, the basket that can be used to steam stuff, and the pot that can cook anything from noodles and pasta to rice and boiled eggs. So, would you be able to look at your coffee maker the same now?

Versatile Rice Cookers 


A rice cooker


Rice cookers are very helpful, especially if you’ve never gotten the hang of cooking rice in a pot. But if you don’t eat rice every day, that rice cooker can feel like it’s gathering dust in the kitchen cabinet. No longer, though. Did you know that you can use your rice cooker to steam pudding, dumplings, and dim sims, as well as hot grains like porridge that are very creamy and don’t need to be stirred?


Clothes Dryer at its Best

A clothes dryer is more than meets the eye. Amazingly, clothes machines can also be used to remove wrinkles from clothes. Just put them in the machine with a wet washcloth and set the heat to medium. With the heat and the wetness, the wrinkles should come right out.


Egg Slicers or Anything Slicer

Egg slicers can be used for so many things that they should be called food slicers instead. This little tool is like a jack of all trades in the kitchen. It can be used to cut up everything from blocks of cheese to cooked hot dogs to mushrooms.


Hand Blender to Blend Smoothies


Hand blender


If you’re only making a one-cup smoothie, you don’t need a big mixer. The job can be done with a hand-held immersion mixer. Put all of your ingredients in a big cup, and use the immersion blender to mix them all together. Just make sure you leave enough space at the top of your cup or everything will spill out.


Ice Cream Machine

Appliances like the ice cream machine are fantastic for making ice cream, but they’re still a rarely utilized equipment. However, there is some good news. It turns out that an ice cream maker may be used for more than simply dairy delicacies. You can also use your ice cream machine to produce amazing soda slushies, more adult margaritas, and even frozen ‘hot’ chocolate!



There are many household appliances in our kitchen that we barely use. Hence, these can be used in a very different way daily to do small things. So, the next time you are in your kitchen, look around and find something to use differently. Happy cooking!

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