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6 Designs for Kitchen Furniture to Save Space

6 Designs for Kitchen Furniture to Save Space


Let’s face it, the space we live in is shrinking. Our kitchens are getting smaller with the modern design for kitchen furniture increasing our valuables and assets by the day. The more we try to add to our cooking space to make our daily cooking smooth, the lesser space we are left with. 

So, where does that leave us? Are we left with no space in our kitchen for the rest of our lives? Well, not exactly. If you revamp your design for the kitchen room a bit as we are going to discuss, you can enjoy pretty much enough space. Additionally, this gives your cooking a touch of smoothness. 

These Designs for Kitchen Furniture Are Real Space Savers

While there can be many ways to obtain the space you need in your kitchen, here are our top 6 ways to have that as effortlessly as possible. 


1. The U-Shaped Design for Kitchen Furniture

Not a single bit of space is left unused in a U-shaped kitchen furniture design for a small space. This is one of the most opted-for options by people who prioritise space but do not let up on class and style. 

The design for the kitchen cabinet is sleek overhead. The counter looks clean and well organised with pull-outs and built-in appliance spaces. 


2. The Classic Corner Style

Find it hard to use the tricky corners of your kitchen? Switch to the corner for kitchen design and become the classic space saver. 

This kitchen furniture style makes it really easy to move around while cooking as there is ample space around. Most of the appliances and tools occupy the corner leaving the rest of the room for you to use to your desire. 


3. Pull-Out Kitchen Table to Save Space

Let the space utilise itself! This sentence makes sense only when you have kitchen furniture that is only there when you need it. 

One of those clever furniture designs that can be used for several purposes is this extendable table, which can also function as a breakfast counter. This design for the kitchen wall is beautifully fixed with a foldable furniture piece that does more than just save space.


4. Parallel Kitchen Table Design Ideas

Who said that your kitchen must be an enclosed space? This modern parallel kitchen, often known as a galley kitchen, combines the dining area and kitchen, making it a fantastic choice for compact households.

The sink is fixed by a parallel counter, with the refrigerator in the area between and serving as a breakfast counter. Don’t overlook the smart storage section in the back, which is a godsend for houses without a storage room.


5. Ceiling Storage Units

One does not tread on the ceiling but that does not mean that it can serve any other purpose. Modern designers consider the walls and ceilings to save space in contemporary kitchen rooms. Structures such as magnetic knife racks, hanging utensil racks, and even hanging pots are fixed thus. 

This is perfect for a compact household that needs to free some space on the floor. While these options may be costlier but are totally worth it. 


6. Multi-Function Shelving Design

Cabinets or other types of shelving, which are a vital aspect of kitchen décor, to begin with, can save space in the same way that transformable tables and kitchen islands can. Therefore, this will save your space big time and give your kitchen a sleek look. 

Wrap Up

These designs for kitchen furniture can no doubt save your space in the kitchen. But, most of them are very much dependent on your preference. If your style does not quite fit in, you can always work out something else.

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