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5 Best Chimney for Kitchen Under 15,000

5 Best Chimney for Kitchen Under 15,000


When it comes to the best chimney for kitchen under 15,000, we like to give our customers a whole range of great products. Because we know that an Indian kitchen is home to a lot of frying and grilling. And Depending upon the kitchen type and the fumes, there are different products that fit into the client’s expectations. 


A kitchen without a chimney faces a lot of issues like overheating due to the fumes. Every kitchen chimney is unique in its own way. Therefore, every product at our store will give you something new.


What Makes a Chimney for a Kitchen Great?

There are many things that make a chimney a good choice for a modern kitchen. Let’s discuss a few of their features of some of the best chimneys for kitchens under 15,000


  • Suction Capability: How much air a chimney can draw per hour is known as its suction capability. Specifically, it is expressed as a rate of m3 per hour. The more smoke, odors, and grease the chimney can put out of the kitchen, the better.


  • Size: The design and dimensions of the chimney hood is another factor. There is a wide range of shapes and styles to choose from, including pyramidal, linear, curved glass, angular, and so on.


  • Filter Type: The filter is the part responsible for removing the oil and grease from the air. Filters can be either cassette, baffle, or filterless. Aluminum mesh filters in cassette players need to be cleaned frequently.


There are many other features to consider but these are the main ones that make a difference. 


Best Chimney for Kitchen Under 15000 in India

Titanium Kitchen Chimney

The Titanium Kitchen Chimney has a strong 200W motor and a suction capacity of 1400m3/hr. This makes sure that smoke and smells are removed from your kitchen quickly and efficiently. 


The touch screen makes it easy to use, and the LED lights give off enough light. The noise level of the stove is less than 56dB, which means that cooking will be quiet. This makes it one of the best chimneys. 


Auto Cute 70W Electric Chimney for Modern Kitchens

The Auto Cute Electric Chimney is the perfect addition to any modern kitchen. Stop worrying about having to clean your chimney by hand. With our clever Auto Clean feature, this chimney can clean itself, saving you time and effort.


With its Oil Collector, this chimney catches oil and grease that would otherwise end up on your kitchen counters. The Black finish body gives your kitchen a sleek and stylish touch that goes with any color theme.


CRYSTAL Modular Kitchen Chimney

A laser-cut filter in this elegant chimney removes smoke and odors. The lock front’s designed toughened glass panel makes maintenance easy and improves attractiveness.


This stainless steel chimney is robust and easy to clean. The hydraulic in and out system makes chimney height adjustment easy. Touch screen controls let you alter settings easily. 


Auto Prince (BLK/SS) Modular Kitchen Chimney

With its auto-clean feature and SS oil filter, you can forget about the trouble and mess of cleaning by hand. The sleek SS finish or black finish on the body gives your kitchen a touch of luxury.


Also, the chimney has a sensor that turns it off if there is a gas leak. This keeps you safe while cooking. 


Wind Up

The above mentioned products are some in our best chimney for kitchen under 15,000 that can give the best service. You can choose the best chimney for your kitchen based on your budget, how much room you have, how your kitchen is set up, and how you cook. You can also compare different chimney brands and types online or in person to find the best price.

Browse through our wide range of Kitchen Chimneys here.

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